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How to Play PS3 Online

Play PS 3 games online with other gamers.
Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from Fotolia.com

The PlayStation3, or PS3, is a home video game console made by Sony. The PS3 features an Internet browser, media player and photo album application as well as a digital store on the Cross Media Bar operating system. To use some of these features, you need a PSN account. PSN is a free service integrated into the PS3 that allows you to buy content from the store, play online games and chat with friends on your list. You must have a PSN account to play PS3 games over the Internet.

Connect the PS3 to the Internet. Use either an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection, depending on your PS3 model.

Enroll for a PSN account. Select the "Sign Up For Playstation Network" icon from the Playstation Network tab on the Cross Media Bar. Enter your name, date of birth and street address. Additionally, add a user name and a password for your account.

Go to the "Playstation Network" tab. Select "Sign In." Insert the user name and password. Press the "Sign In" button.

Start your game. Once you sign into your PSN account, all online multiplayer content within the game will be available. For example Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Warhawk and LittleBigPlanet have active online communities.


Many of the first-person shooters or shooters in general for the PS3 have online multiplayer content. If you do not own any games that have multiplayer enabled content, you can buy games or download demos from the Playstation Store once you have a PSN account. Many of the PSN games are online multiplayer games.

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