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How to Figure Out the WPA Key Code for PS3

In order to get your PlayStation 3 onto your home wireless network, you'll need to know the WPA key code for your router. This is a password assigned to the router to prevent unwanted people like neighbors or people driving by your house from accessing the Internet.

Turn on any computer that is connected to the same wireless network you are trying to access with your PlayStation 3.

Click "Start."

Open "Control Panel."

Search through the window onscreen until you find the icon labeled "Network and Sharing Center." Select the icon to open it.

Open "Manage Wireless Networks." This displays a listing of every wireless network your computer has ever connected to. Right-click the icon for the wireless network that is present in your home. Click "Properties." Open the "Security" tab in this window and click "Show Characters." The WPA key code that you need to input into your PlayStation 3 will be listed on screen.

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