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How to Use PSP As a PS3 Remote


The Playstation Portable (PSP) and Playstation 3 (PS3) are both video game consoles made by Sony Computer Entertainment. The PSP system can remotely access the PS3. This will allow you to log on to the PS3 when you find an active wireless Internet connection to connect to your PSP. Having remote access to your PS3 allows you to play games on the PS3, change settings and play media, to name a few options.


Things You'll Need:

  • Playstation Portable
  • Playstation 3

Connect your PS3 to the Internet. Use wireless or Ethernet depending on the PS3 model. Ethernet has a faster connection speed than wireless and is particularly effective with the remote feature to reduce the amount of lag you may encounter.

Attach one end of the mini USB cord into the PS3 and the other end into the PSP. The Mini USB cord is the same one that came with the PS3 and is used to charge the the PS3 controller.

Register the PSP with your PS3. Connecting the two systems will cause the PS3 recognizes the PSP. If you do not register the PSP, you cannot use the remote play feature. You will find the option to register your PSP under "Settings," "Remote Play" and "Register Device" on your PS3 cross media bar.

Check your remote play settings. This is in the same area of the cross media bar as registering the PSP. In addition, you can choose if your PS3 will allow a remote start from the registered PSP and which device the audio will go through.

Highlight the "Remote Play" icon from the cross media bar on the PSP. This is under the "Network Tab." Press the "X" button to proceed. This will bring up a screen titled "Remote Play." You are ready to connect to the PS3.

Select the "Remote Play" option on your PSP. This icon is in the same area as it is on the PS3. Press the "X" button. A screen will appear asking if you want to connect via "Internet" or "Private Network."

Select the wireless Internet connection that you will be using for remote play on the PSP and press "X" to connect. Connecting can take up to two minutes depending on the quality of your wireless connection. After it connects, you will see the PS3 cross media bar pop up on your PSP screen. You now have access to any games or media that are on your PS3 hard drive. When finished, you can select the "Turn Off System" option to shut down your PS3 remotely.


All PS1 classics are playable remotely via the PSP. In addition, some PS3 games can run remotely from their Blu-ray disc.

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