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How to Disable 3D on a PlayStation Game

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a multi-media gaming console developed by Sony. Amongst the various games available for the PS3 are games that can be displayed in 3D when used in conjunction with a high-definition television (HDTV) that can support the 3D format. You may find that you would like these 3D games to be displayed in 2D format instead. Disabling the 3D function on your PS3 can be done with little difficulty.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hdmi Cable
  • 3D Television

Access the in-game options menu to turn the 3D function off. Each 3D game will have the option to turn off the 3D manually. You can do this on the options menu, however, you will need to do so upon each time you play the game. For a more permanent solution, proceed to the next step.

Access the “Settings” option on the XMB. When the PS3 is powered on, you will automatically be brought to the home menu featuring a list of options for use, called the Xross Media Bar (XMB). Scroll over towards the left of the screen to the option “Settings.” Click on this.

Scroll down to the “Display Settings” option. After that, scroll down to the “Video Output Settings.” Click on this. Select “Manual” from the next screen, which will enable you to set up the video output manually.

Input the connection that you are using to attach to your television. For any 3D compatible television to work with the 3D functions of the PS3, it will use an HDMI cable.

Dismiss the prompt that pops up. After you input the connection method, the PS3 will detect that you are connected to a TV that supports 3D output. Click on “Skip” to not set up the 3D feature. You will get a followup prompt, asking if you are sure. Select “Yes.”

Input the resolution and aspect ratio of your television. If you are uncertain of the resolution of your television, check the owner’s manual of the TV. If this is not easily accessible, search the “Option” menu of your television for something labeled “About this TV” or “Stats” for the information. It will be either “1080p,” “1080i,” “720p,” “480p” or “480i.” The aspect ratio is “16:9” if you have a widescreen and “4:3” if it is not.


The 3D function of the PS3 requires that you connect to a 3D compatible television via an HDMI cable. If you are not connected to the TV with this cable, then you do not have to worry about turning off the 3D function of the PS3, as it will not be an option.

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