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How to Add Video Codec to a PS3

A codec is an algorithm that compresses the audio and video tracks in a digital media file. In order to properly play a digital media file, users will need to ensure that their system is equipped with the right components to decode the file’s codecs. Although digital media files can be played on a PlayStation 3, the game console only supports playback for certain formats and codecs. While there is no way to modify PlayStation 3 firmware and add components for different video codecs, users can ensure that their digital media file is properly compressed for playback on the game console.

Load the digital media file into a codec identification tool such as MediaInfo, GSpot Codec Information Appliance or VideoInspector. In addition to identifying the file format, the utility will reveal the video codec that was used to encode the digital media file. Proceed to the next step if the file was published with a format and/or video codec that is not compatible with PlayStation 3.

Import the digital media file into a video conversion application that offers advanced encoding profiles for PlayStation 3-compatible video. Program the output format and execute the conversion. A confirmation message will appear when the media has been successfully encoded. Hamster Free Video Converter and iWisoft Free Video Converter are free applications that can be used perform this task.

Connect a USB flash drive to the computer. Wait until the system recognizes the external storage device and copy the PlayStation 3-compatible video onto the device. Eject the USB flash drive once the file has been completely copied over.

Turn on the PlayStation 3 and plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the game console.

Go to the home screen and access the “Videos” section. The device name for USB flash drive will appear listed, select the item by pressing the triangle button on the controller.

Press the “X” button to open the USB flash drive and view its contents. Select the stored video and the media will play on the game console.


PlayStation 3 supports the following file formats and video codecs: MP4 files with an H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video codec MPG files with an H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video codec AVI files with a DivX or MJPEG video codec WMV files with a VC-1 video codec M2TS or MTS files with an AVCHD video codec

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