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How to Program the Uniden BCD996T

The Uniden BCD996T is able to receive modern
two police cars image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.com

The BCD996T is a radio frequency scanner produced by Uniden. The scanner is able to tune "trunked" digital radio systems using its TrunkTracker IV technology. This allows newer radios in use by police and emergency agencies to be monitored. The BCD996T can store thousands of programmed frequencies, which are split into "channels" and "systems" for easy access. A police frequency, for example, can be programmed into a channel dedicated only to police activity, separate from other unrelated frequencies.

Create New System

Press the "Menu" key. The text "Program System" will appear on the scanner's display. Press the round scroll control knob to confirm this choice.

Rotate the scroll control knob to cycle through a list of available options. When "New System" is displayed, press the control knob.

Scroll through the next list of options until "Conventional" is displayed. Press the control knob, and then press the "E" key to confirm. Press the "." period key to cancel. The number of the new system will be displayed.

Create New Channel

Press the "Menu" key. "Program System" will appear on the screen. Push the scroll knob.

Rotate the control knob until the previously created system is displayed. Press the control knob to select it.

Rotate the control knob until "Edit Group" appears. Push the control knob. Rotate the knob again. When "New Channel" is displayed, push the control knob.

Again, rotate the knob to scroll through the menu, and select "Edit Channel."

Program Frequency

Once a new channel has been created, the scanner will prompt for frequency details by displaying "Edit Frequency." Enter the frequency using the numeric keypad, in megahertz.

Change an entered digit by rotating the control knob to the left or right. This will move the on-screen cursor, indicating the digit to modify. Press a different numeric key to change the number.

Press the control knob once the entire frequency, including any decimal places, has been entered. The scanner will save this frequency under the previously created channel and system.

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