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How to Install .RAR Files on PS3 CFW

In the gaming hacker community, the term softmod refers to any modification made to the basic operating system (OS) of your gaming device, like your Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3). Homebrew applications are designed to run emulator programs and other applications on your PS3 device. These homebrew programs can either be designed to hack into and run on the native PS3 OS or run on a custom firmware (CFW) package. The CFW package that works with the PS3 is called Kweaw’s CFW and is installed onto your PS3 in a .RAR archive file format. The process of installing the CFW .RAR files on your PS3 is fairly straightforward.

Download the PS3 CFW.RAR file onto your computer.

Double-click the PS3 CFW.RAR file folder to extract the files inside it. There will be two files within the folder, bsdiff4.3-win32.zip and patchfile.rar. Double-click and extract these files as well.

Insert your USB memory drive into the USB port on your computer. A folder for the memory drive will appear on your computer.

Drag and drop the extracted files into the USB memory drive folder, then remove the drive from your computer.

Plug the USB drive into the first USB port on the front of your PS3 gaming console, then press the “Power” button to turn the system on.

Scroll to the “Install Package Files” option in the XMB menu, then press the “X” button on your controller. The CFW file will then automatically install itself onto your PS3 system.

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