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How to Install Swap Magic on the PS3

Only the 20GB and 60GB launch consoles are capable of playing PS2 games.
Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Swap Magic device lets PlayStation 2 users play .ISO backup copies of the PS2 games in their collection. If you have a PlayStation 3 system that is capable of playing PlayStation 2 games, you can also use Swap Magic to play these backup files on your PS3 system. If you want to boot Swap Magic on your PS3 system, you need to install a specific file on a USB stick and insert the USB stick into a specific USB port on the system.

Download the USB loader file from PS3hax.net. This file is required to use Swap Magic on the PS3 system.

Insert the USB stick into on of the computer's flash drives. Click the "Start" button and select the "Computer" option. Double-click the flash drive's removable storage device icon to view its root folder.

Right-click and select the "New Folder" option. Name the folder "SWAPMAGIC."

Drag the USB loader file you downloaded in step one into the folder you created in step three. Rename the file "SMBOOT0.elf."

Right-click on the USB drive's removable storage device icon and select the "Eject" option. Remove the USB drive from the computer's USB port.

Insert the USB drive into the left-most USB port on the PS3 system. Turn on the PS3 system and insert the Swap Magic disc into the PS3's disc drive.

Select the "Swap Magic" option from the "Game" section of the PS3's XrossMediaBar. Press "Up" on the controller's D-Pad and the "L1" button simultaneously to open the Swap Magic USB loader.

Press the "Circle" button to enter into the Swap Magic USB loader menu. You can now use Swap Magic to play your backup games.

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