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How to Transfer Movies to a Playstation 3

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The PlayStation 3 is much more than a gaming console. It has a hard drive that allows you to store large media files, such as movies, on the system. If you have a movie on your computer and want to move it, you can transfer it to your PS3 with a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Transfer a video file from your PC to a USB flash drive or a USB external hard drive. If you're using an external hard drive, make sure it is formatted to FAT-32.

Plug the flash drive or external hard drive into an available USB port on the front of the PS3 console. There will be two or four ports, depending on the model of system you have.

Turn the PS3 on without a disk in the system. This will take you directly to the PS3's main menu.

Select the "Video" option from the main menu, and then scroll through the sub-menu to find your USB device.

Press the triangle button and select "Display All" to see the video files on the device.

Select the file you wish to transfer and press the triangle button.

Choose "Copy" and press the "X" button. Press the "X" button again to confirm the transfer. The movie will be copied to the PS3's hard drive.


  • Back up your data before you reformat your external hard drive to FAT-32. Reformatting the drive will completely erase it.
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