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How to Install Mugen on a PS3

Softmodding is a term in the hacker community that describes any altering of the basic operating system of your gaming device, like your PS3. By performing a softmod on your PS3, you can access the ability to play games that are ordinarily designed to work on other gaming systems. Softmodding applications, like Homebrew, install built-in emulator software that allows you to navigate through and select different gaming system emulators. The MUGEN emulator is a standard emulator for the Homebrew Channel application. The process of installing MUGEN on a PS3 is fairly straightforward.

Download the Homebrew Channel installation file on your computer.

Insert the memory storage drive into an available USB port on your computer. A folder for the storage drive will automatically open on your computer desktop.

Drag-and-drop the Homebrew file into the storage drive folder, then remove the drive device from the computer.

Insert the storage drive into the first USB port on your PS3 console, then press the “Power” button to turn the system on.

Scroll through the main menu to the “Memory Storage” option, then press the “X” button on your controller to select it.

Select the “Homebrew Channel” option in the Memory Storage listing, then press the “X” button to select it. The Homebrew Channel installation file will automatically install onto your PS3 with the MUGEN emulator.


  • Even though the MUGEN emulator will be installed onto your PS3, game play may not be fully functional.
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