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How to Find Free Printable Word Search Puzzles for Adults

Find word puzzles to print out online.
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The educational value of word search puzzles is still unclear when used in the classroom to teach children about reading and writing. However, word search puzzles can help adults keep their brains active, and many schools use such puzzles to help ESL students expand their vocabulary. Word search puzzles can also help you relax after a long day or pass time on a long airplane trip. Word search puzzles are often available in newspapers and magazines, but you can find a wealth of free, printable puzzles for adults online.

Visit superwordsearchpuzzles.com to find free, printable word search puzzles listed by category and theme. The website offers a variety of different categories for adults, including food, home and garden, music, movies, sports and travel. Superwordsearchpuzzles.com also offers number and symbol search puzzles, as well as seasonal puzzles for the holidays.

Check the Your Dictionary website for links to word search puzzles designed specifically for adults. Your Dictionary separates word search puzzles by puzzle difficulty, category and puzzles with hidden messages. Your Dictionary also offers word search strategies. You can also make custom printable word search puzzles through the Your Dictionary website.

Find difficult and very difficult word search puzzles at When We Word Search. When We Word Search offers puzzles in unique categories designed specifically to be challenging for adults. Examples include a “50 European Countries” puzzle, a “Health Issues” puzzle and a “Chemistry” puzzle, as well as many others. When We Word Search also offers puzzles that are easier for beginners or adults whose first language is not English and puzzles for teens, pre-teens and kids so you can print a few out for the rest of your family.

Visit the Teachers-Direct website to find foreign language word search puzzles for adults and students of all levels. Teachers-Direct also offers word search puzzles for adults and students on a variety of educational topics like art, business, classical studies, history, law and manufacturing.

Check the Mirroreyes.com website for a free, printable daily word search puzzle. Mirroreyes.com word search puzzles are generally mixed words and the puzzles don’t have a theme. Mirroreyes.com has a very large database of free, printable word search puzzles and they also offer free daily crossword puzzles.


If you already get a subscription to a daily or weekly newspaper, you may find a word search puzzle in the calendar section. Some newspapers even offer additional word search and crossword puzzles and jumbles on their website for subscribers.

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