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How to Make Fill-In Word Puzzles

Making a fill-in puzzle by hand can be tricky.
crossword image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.com

A fill-in word puzzle includes empty blocks you complete vertically and horizontally. As the letters intercept, a new word forms to help you solve the missing letters. To complete the fill-in puzzle, you draw from a list of clues. Creating a fill-in word puzzle by hand can be tricky as you try to match intercepting letters to form new words. Thankfully, you don't have to create the puzzle on your own. You can use a fill-in puzzle generator to connect the words.

Jot down the list of words you want the puzzle to contain.

Enter the words for your puzzle into an online crossword puzzle generator, such as Puzzle-Maker, Crossword Puzzle Games or Armored Penguin to automatically make the puzzle.

Click "Create Puzzle" (Puzzle Maker), "Create My Crossword Puzzle"(Crossword Puzzle Games) or "Make Puzzle" (Armored Penguin). The fill-in word puzzle is generated.

Select "File" and "Print" from the menu or press "Ctrl"+"P" to print your game.

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