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How to Do Capital Letters When Logging In to PS3 & Netflix

In addition to playing games on the PlayStation 3 console by Sony, you can make use of the television and video services available, such as the Netflix application. Like many other services, signing in to your Netflix account requires typing in the proper case. For example, if you use capital letters in either your email address or password, you must capitalize that letter whenever you sign in. On the PlayStation 3, switching to capital letters requires one button to press.

Turn on the PlayStation 3 console and sign in to your account.

Navigate to the "TV/Video Services" category on the main menu.

Press "X" on Netflix. Wait a moment for the application to load.

Press "X" to begin typing in your account information. Press "R2" to switch to capital letters, and press it again to return to lowercase.

Press "Start" to submit the text and log in to Netflix.


You must have a Netflix account to use the PS3 application.

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