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How to Edit MP3 Song Titles

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MP3 song titles are usually most important in digital media player applications, as they help listeners decipher songs and organize their music libraries. In some cases, common title errors such as misspelled words, misplaced asterisks or numbers within the title sequence can create difficulty with song searching and organization. For this reason, MP3 song title editing may be needed. MP3 song titles can be edited by simply changing the MP3's file name. Most digital media player applications also have advanced tag editors, which enable editing for the song's information.

Things You'll Need:

  • Administrative Access To Computer
  • Digital Media Player Application

Editing the Actual MP3 Song File Title

Click the "My Computer" desktop icon on the computer's home screen.

Access the "Music" folder tab that will most likely be located in the left pane when the Explorer window opens. (See Tips section for alternative methods to locate MP3 files on the computer if the folder is not displayed.)

Locate the MP3 song title's folder tab in the Music folder, and right-click it to view the available options for the file.

Select the "Rename" option in the collapsible menu. The folder tab's text field will be cleared automatically so you can enter new information.

Type a new name in the text field to edit the MP3 song title. Then, left-click to lock in the change. The new MP3 song title will appear in the folder tab's text field.

Edit a MP3 Song Title with Advanced Tag Editor

Click the computer's digital media player application link on your desktop screen. (If no desktop icon is available, access the system menu and go to "All Programs" or "Programs" within the menu options. Locate the digital media player application's tab within the collapsible menu.)

Go to the media player's library when the application opens. All of the MP3 songs should be listed in the media library for playback.

Go through the media library and locate the MP3 song title you'd like to edit.

Right-click the MP3 song title, and click "Advanced Tag Editor," "Get Information" or "Song Information" in the collapsible menu that will appear to the right of the song's tab. The song's artist name, title, album information and cover art should appear in the Advanced Tag Editor pop-up window on the screen.

Erase the current MP3 song title information. Then, enter the new MP3 song title information. Click "OK," "Submit" or "Apply" at the bottom of the Advanced Tag Editor pop-up window.


If you cannot access the music folder from the desktop, go to the system menu by clicking its icon on the task bar. Then, locate the Music or Documents folder to access your computer's music files.


  • Some computers may not allow you to make changes if you do not have administrative access to the computer. Administrative access may prohibit such changes by unauthorized users.
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