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How to Combine PS3 Users

Users can set up multiple PS3 accounts with varied user experiences.
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Combining the data for PlayStation 3 (PS3) users can simplify your gaming experience. Merging game save data allows you to play more games from a single account or to eliminate extraneous accounts. Copying data is straightforward but should be done with the permission of other users of the PS3 system.

Things You'll Need:

  • External Storage, Such As Memory Card Or Hard Drive (Optional)
  • Ps3 And Its Cables
  • Controller
  • Tv Or Monitor

Power on the PS3 and TV or monitor. Press the PS button on the controller. This will bring you to the "Users" menu.

Select (by pressing X) the user profile you intend to use as the destination profile for the combination process. Alternatively, you may create a new user profile by selecting "Create New User" near the top of the "Users" menu.

Scroll horizontally until you reach the "Game" menu on the XrossMediaBar (XMB) interface. Select "Saved Data Utility (PS3)" from the vertical menu.

Assess the existing game save files in the folder. Make note of which data is already in the folder and therefore does not need to be copied.

Navigate back to the "User" menu on the XMB. Select the user profile you wish to combine with the one you just used. A prompt asking if you want to log out and switch will appear. Select "Yes."

Scroll to "Game" on the XMB. Select "Saved Data Utility (PS3)." Scroll vertically to the item you wish to copy, then press Triangle on the controller.

Select "Copy" in the resulting menu. Another menu will appear asking for the file destination. Scroll vertically to the user profile to which you wish to copy the information. Press X.

Press Circle when the copying is complete. Repeat this process for all of the files you wish to copy.

Navigate to the "User" menu on the XMB. Log in to the destination user profile (the one you just copied files to).

Scroll back to the "Users" menu once you've logged in. Navigate vertically to the user profile you just copied files from. Press Triangle.

Select "Delete." In the resulting menu, select "Yes." This will delete the extra profile. The combination is complete.


If you wish to create a backup of your game save files, plug in an external hard drive or a memory card. When copying the files, you can select the external storage as a destination.

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