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How to Be a Scientist for Kids

Your kid can become a scientist by studying hard in school.
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Becoming a scientist is a cool career path. Scientists are adventure-seekers, discovering new medicines and sending rockets to outer space. Scientists are naturally curious and make a life out of asking lots of questions. They observe and create theories through sound research and experimentation. Children who are inquisitive and have keen observation skills may think about a life as a scientist. To be a scientist as an adult, kids should plan now to take the right courses in school.

Meet with your school counsellor about your goals of becoming a scientist. The counsellor can help you to make the right class choices;your counsellor may know of special science magnet programs, such as a marine biology high school, or other programs that are geared towards science.

Attend local lectures at science museums and zoos. You will hear real scientists talking about their research. Visiting museums and zoos is a good way to learn about different kinds of scientists and their roles.

Attend science camps and other children's science programs at local museums, botanical gardens, universities, and zoos. When you are a teenager you can volunteer with local wildlife, astronomy or other science organizations.

Study hard in high school taking courses in math, science, English and other subjects recommended by your school counsellor. The best way for kids to become a scientist is to graduate from college with a bachelor's in science. To get accepted into college, you need a solid high school education in math, science and English.

Create a science fair project in high school to compete in locally, at the national level and internationally at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Kids compete for recognition for their science projects and can win scholarship money for college.

Graduate from college with a science degree with a specialization, such as biology or physics. During the undergraduate college years, students should choose a science specialization so they can attend the right graduate program.

Attend graduate school to achieve a masters and a doctorate degree in a science specialty. Once you graduate you can work as a scientist at a university, private research company or other science organization.


While in college, work with different research scientists or science professors to find the field that most interests them.

Volunteer with science organizations such as local wildlife groups to learn about different science issues.

Find a science mentor to help with questions about choosing a science career.


  • Do not be discouraged if your kids do not get the best grades in high school. They can start with a junior college before attending a four year college program.
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