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How to Teach a Jazz Dance Class

Teach a Jazz Dance Class

You can teach a jazz dance class if you have experience in jazz dance. Most jazz classes follow a similar class structure. Of course, you can add your own teaching styles and techniques to make your class great. Here are some tips on how to teach a jazz class.

Start the class with thorough stretching. It is important for jazz dancers to increase and maintain their flexibility. Do pike, straddle and lunge stretches to lengthen the muscles in your legs. At the end of your stretching routine, have all dancers hold their splits as far as they can do so comfortably.

Tone your dancers by giving a toning workout. Include exercises such as abdominal crunches to strengthen their core muscles. Abdominal strength is important in executing jazz movements with control.

Do isolations to warm up for jazz class. Isolate the movement of your head, rib cage and hips from left to right. You can do isolations with your shoulders from front to back or up and down.

Give combinations across the floor. Do jazz walks, runs or leaps in various sequences.

Move to the center of the floor towards the end of class. Choreograph a jazz dance combination to teach your dancers. Break up the combination in counts of "8." Teach one or two "8 counts" at a time.

End class with a cool down. Repeat some of the stretches that you did earlier in the class.

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