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How to Club Dance With a Guy

When you dance, you are a star!
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Dancing at a club is fun. It is all about feeling the beat and putting your heart into the music. Your body just follows your thoughts. Dancing with men is about flirtation - or about acting, if you don't particularly find your dance partner attractive. When you are dancing with a guy in a club, you use the same moves that you would if you were dancing by yourself. In the dance, you become the song. All it takes is confidence and rhythm to look great in the club.

Feel the drumbeat get in your blood.
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Start off by having a clear beat count of music in your mind. Feel the drums in every song. Imagine that you are a famous dancer.

Look around to find a good spot to start dancing in. Preferably, pick some place where you are close to potential dance partners.

Keep on stepping.
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Move to the beat. First, isolate your legs by stepping or bouncing. Then, isolate your hips by adding a pop to your hips every time you bounce or step. To pop your hip, use the strength from the bottom of your feet to stick your hip out into the air. During this step, keep your arms relaxed by your sides. Smile, and get some eye contact going between your potential dance partner and you.

From the fist to the fingers!
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When the guy reciprocates with smiles and eye contact, the two of you could move closer to each other. Flirtatious eye contact is important in dancing.

Raise your hands in a round position. Just keep your fists slightly above your head. Then let your arms bounce at the same beat with your feet. Bounce your hands about an inch up and down.

Having your fists bouncing by your shoulders is another good move. However, you don’t always have to have your hands in the fist position. Make a fist, and then let all your fingers out. Take your fingers back into the fist position. Do this movement to the beat.

Crisscross your arms by your belt line or down low by your knees.

Sometimes, add even more sexiness to your dancing by lightly touching your leg or pointing to the beat. Just let go, and let the rhythm lead you.

Show off your shoulders.
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Bring your arms down. Roll your shoulders to the beat. First, one shoulder at a time, then both shoulders. Enjoy watching your dance partner checking you out.

A chest shimmy is a sexy move.
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In order to get a chest shimmy in your dance, put your shoulders back, and push your chest out. Then use your shoulders to shake your chest. Once this move comes with ease, shimmy your chest while leaning forward and back to the beat. Your partner should move back when you lean forward, and he should move forward when you lean back.

Look at those knees.
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Raise your knees a little bit to the beat when you step. Sometimes, add variety by raising your knees higher. Use this move sparingly. Don't do this move when your partner and you are too close together.

Bring back the old move by bringing your knees together and out. Make this move look hip. Do not do this move if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Follow your instincts.
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Use nods sparingly. The most important thing is to keep your head relaxed and let it follow your body.

Shake it
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To shimmy your hips, you use legs. Use the energy from your hips to your back to achieve that shimmy. This involves really fast-moving flow of energy sent from your feet to your back.

Circle around your guy while you are doing your shimmy, and let him circle around you. When you are doing the shimmy, it is also acceptable to just let the guy dance behind you.

Dancing is all about expressing yourself!
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Keep some distance by challenging movements, and let the guy come on to you with his dance moves. Put your hands on the guy’s shoulder or his belt line or you can hold your partner’s hand while dancing. Never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. When you are dancing in a club, there could be a lot of grinding. However, there don’t have to be if you don’t wish so.


If you don’t feel confident about dancing, then you practice at home. Watch some club dancing videos on the internet or TV, and then mimic them.

Put on some dance music and start using the moves in this article. Do this in front of a mirror. Express your self-love to yourself when you do it.

It is not necessary to have a partner in order to practice, but if you are shy, it can help.


  • There are no rules when you are dancing in the club, besides the most common etiquette. Imagination is the key. Vary your dance moves to make it more exciting. If you don’t feel confident in your moves, then no matter how hard you try or how good your moves are, they will not look good to other people. Therefore, never doubt yourself.
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