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How to Dance to Punk Rock

Proper punk rock dancing can save you from injury.
Ting Hoo/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Whether you're in a mosh pit or a hipster backyard barbecue, not dancing to punk rock correctly can make you lose substantial street credibility. The great thing about punk rock is that it is fueled by chaos and doesn't require choreographed moves or even coordination. Knowing how to dance will also protect you from other slam-dancers and thrashers that get carried away. Prepare yourself accordingly for your next punk rock extravaganza -- by letting loose and dancing like an idiot.

Watch a video of a punk rock concert and study how the audience moves. Observing others is a great way to learn new skills before you try your own routine.

Put on your favorite punk rock CD and raise one fist in the air. Thrash your head from back to front and plant your feet. This is your rock pose, come back to this at the beginning of each song and during rocking guitar solos.

Kick your legs out in front of you; punch the air when the music picks up speed. Keep banging your head and feel free to yell obscenities or simple battle cries. Other dancers may bump into you -- a common occurrence in mosh pits -- so be ready to push them away.

Add in dance moves that you studied and let your body take over. Keep moving and you won't be considered a stiff.

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