How to Coach a Peewee Cheerleading Squad

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A peewee cheerleading squad presents a coaching challenge because of lack of experience and short attention spans. Knowing how to handle the young girls enables you to make the most of your practice time while helping them learn the basics of the sport. Safety and proper execution is also key for young kids whose bodies are still developing. Plan out your strategy for teaching and building cheerleading skills as the girls become more proficient.

Certify yourself in CPR and first aid before working with kids. Take a class through the local Red Cross or similar organizations that provide certification.

Write your safety rules and expectations for the young cheerleaders. Include appropriate attire recommendations, such as no baggy clothes.

Schedule every minute of the cheerleading practice, from the warmup to the cool-down. Keep each section of the schedule short to keep the girls interested. Moving from one activity to the next gives them less time to get bored and start doing other things.

Teach the peewee cheerleaders the basics of the sport, including jumps, cheers, dance moves and tumbling. Progress through the moves, building on what the kids already know. Use mats when performing tumbling moves or basic stunts.

Put things together into simple routines when the kids are able to do the individual moves. Start by putting two moves together. Continue adding moves to the routine once they master the shorter sections.

Praise the cheerleaders for proper techniques. Correct them gently if they aren't performing a move correctly. Avoid disciplining or yelling at your cheerleaders, or you'll discourage them.


  • Always supervise the cheerleaders to reduce the risk of injury. Keep safety as your first priority at all times.

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