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How to Stand on Your Toes as a Ballerina

People have always been fascinated by ballerinas' abilities to stand on their toes. Little girls try to be like them and stand on their tip toes, others look on in amazement. The truth is it's not a work of magic or trickery, just a lot of training and a specialized shoe which enables you to stand on your toes. Read on to learn how to stand on your toes as a ballerina.

Things You'll Need:

  • Extensive Ballet Training
  • Pointe Shoes

Enroll in ballet classes. Start off with weekly lessons to see if you like it. If you do, begin taking several hours of ballet each week. To go on pointe you will need to be at an intermediate level. This typically takes six or more years. You will need to work your butt off perfecting technique and strengthening your ankles.

Wait for your teacher to give you approval to go on pointe. If you attempt to go on pointe before you're ready you can cause irreversible damage to your body due to the numerous injuries that can occur. When your teacher finally give you approval go the nearest dance store and be fitted for shoes that will be appropriate for your feet.

Put on your pointe shoes and tie the ribbons. Stand by the ballet barre and face it. Put your feet in first position. Hold on to the barre. Slowly rise up to eleve, roll through your ball and up to your toes. Push over your toes so your arch is accentuated. Pull in your stomach, push your shoulder down, hips open, butt tucked under. Let go of the barre and balance.

Press your ball into the floor. Slowly roll down back to your heels. Keep the weight centered on your foot. Then eleve again, roll through the ball to the toe. Come down the same way as before, ball to heel. Do 16 eleves. Now continue to face the barre in first position. Plie (bend your legs) and spring up to your toes. Make sure you instantly spring to your toes. The moment you do immediately press your toes further into the floor to balance and secure yourself. Roll down to the your ball and heel back to a plie. Repeat 16 times.

Move to the center of the room away from the ballet barre. Stand in first position and do eight eleves then eight releves. You're standing on your toes! Just remember to always push over your toes to balance. Have fun and good luck.


Stretch your feet before ballet class and again when you put your pointe shoes on.


  • Don't ever attempt to stand on your toes when not in pointe shoes.
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