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Dance Steps for the Bristol Stomp

The Bristol Stomp was written by the Dovells in 1957. It did not really catch on until 1961. While the Dovells fell out of fashion in the 1960s, the Bristol Stomp remains a popular dance around the world. Join in the fun and learn its dance steps.

Tapping the Heels

For the beginning of the Bristol Stomp, stand with your feet at shoulder's width apart facing the center of the room. Lift up your right foot and tap your right heel on the ground in front of you twice. Bring your right foot back beside your left. Pick up your left foot and tap the ground twice before you with your heel.

Stepping Backward

Bring your left foot back beside your right. Step backward with your left foot and then with your back. Step back again with your left foot, but shuffle your right foot back by dragging it a little on the ground. Step forward with your left foot. Repeat the steps beginning with those in Section 1.

Doing the Break

Pick up your right foot and tap your heel twice on the floor in front of you. Take a step back with your right foot, then kick your left leg behind you. Kick your left leg back one more time, then step forward with your left foot.

Return to the beginning step of the dance and repeat.

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