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Locomotion Dance Steps

Luca Della Valle/Demand Media

The Locomotion is the dance that goes along with the song "The Loco-Motion," recorded, separately, by Little Eva, Grand Funk Railroad and Kylie Minogue. The dance can also be used with swing songs and "The Hustle" by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony.

The Rocking Chair

Luca Della Valle/Demand Media

Begin with your weight on your left foot, which will stay in place for this whole set of steps.

Put your right foot forward, putting your weight on your right foot, then rock back to put your weight back on your left foot. Step back with your right foot in the same way, then rock back onto your left foot again. Finally, repeat the first half of the step--step forward with your right foot, rock back onto your left foot--and then cha-cha by bringing your feet together and stepping with your right, then your left, then your right again.

At this point, your weight will be on your right foot. Repeat this set of steps, but this time, your left foot will have all the movement.

The Grapevine and Turn

Luca Della Valle/Demand Media

From the end of the rocking chair, step slightly forward and to the right with your right foot. Cross behind your right foot with your left foot, then step to the right again with your right foot and touch your left toe at the side of your right foot.

Go back the other way by stepping to the left with your left foot and crossing your right foot behind your left. Then, as you step to the left with your left foot again, turn your foot so your toes face to the left, and as you bring your right foot in to toe-touch, rotate 90 degrees, so you are facing what used to be your left.

Grapevine Again and Repeat

Luca Della Valle/Demand Media

Now that you are facing in a new direction, you will perform the grapevine again--first to your new right, then to your new left.

Once you have completed this second grapevine, the dance is over, and you repeat the steps from the beginning.

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