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How to Do the Punisher Workout (Tom Jane's Workout for the Movie)

Look like a Super Hero

Things You'll Need:

  • a Gym
  • Time
  • determination and dedication
  • a good diet

Men's Health published Tom Jane's work out back when the Marvel movie 'the Punisher' came out but if you're looking for it now, you found it. This work out requires mucho determination and guts. Tom Jane performed this work out twice a day! Men's Health reported that "In 9 weeks, he went from 70- to 105-pound dumbbells in the chest press and raised his 10-repetition total in the leg press from 550 to 1,050 pounds,"

Tom Jane's workout involved lots of cardio, ab exercises and serious weight lifting. It was 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, rest Wednesday (you'll see why), Thursday, and Friday.

This is a very fast result work out but it requires a lot of work. For the normal person, you can do it just once a day. Hang in there and you'll be looking like a vigilante hero in no time.

MONDAY - Chest and Biceps

Do four sets of ten:

Peck Decks 15-Degree-Incline dumbbell press Barbell bench press Dips Barbell Curl Dumbbell Curl Reverse Bar Curl


Four sets of 10-15 reps:

Squats Leg Extensions Leg Press

Walking Lunges (just 3 long sets)

4 sets of 15:

Standing calf raise Seated calf raise

THURSDAY - Triceps and Back (because leg days needs a day of rest)

(Sets) Vary, Reps 10-15:

Lat Pull-down (3) Front Pull-down (3) One-arm row (4) Wide-grip seated row (3)

10 reps / (set):

Lying triceps extension (3) Triceps pushdown (4) V-bar triceps push down (3) Reverse triceps extension (4)

FRIDAY - Shoulders and Hamstrings

10 reps / (set):

Dumbbell shrugs (4) Barbell shrugs (2) Dumbbell seated military press (4) Lateral raise (3) Front raise (3) Reverse Fly (3) Lying hamstring curl (3) One-leg Hamstring curl (3) Straight-leg deadlift (4)

--- rest for Monday......

CARDIO - After every work out, Jane did 5 min warm up, 30-50 min of cardio, then 5 min warm down. He also did 4-8 sets of 40-120 ab workouts...... if you're crazy, go for it. Otherwise, twice a week works great. Aim for Monday (before leg day) and Thursday (before hamstring day).

DIET - Protein!

Jane reported in MH that he ate pretty much only protein and lots of it. He ate nearly eight times a day, avoiding chicken and fruit and sugar. While he thought it was boring, it's tough to argue with the results. Watch the Punisher again if you need motivation, especially the beach scene. ... yikes.


need to buff up for the summer? This is the one! Focus on Form!!!! Do it right the first time with less weight and you'll be lifting more the next time. No only can doing it -wrong- hurt you, it can shape your muscles incorrectly. Just do your best and be patient.


  • Don't push yourself. If your body says no, stop. This takes a lot of time, make sure to plan accordingly.
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