Bop Dance Steps

let's dance. image by Iourii from

Things You'll Need

  • Boombox or stereo
  • 50's rock music

The Bop was a dance that emerged in the 1950s due to such rock and roll hits as "Dance To The Bop" by Gene Vincent. The Bop has remained popular in certain dance circles over the years due to its nostalgic charm. The Bop is a relatively simple dance to learn mainly because you don't need a partner to perform it.

Play one of your favorite 50's rock songs on your boombox or stereo. An excellent choice is "Dance To The Bop" by Gene Vincent.

Stand with your feet slightly apart.

Twist your hips and sway your body in double time. Double time means you perform these moves twice as fast as the beat.


Tap the toe of one foot outward and in.

Alternate feet and tap the opposite toe outward and step in.


Step from one foot to the other. This completes the 8-count dance.


Repeat Steps 2-6 throughout the song.