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How to Buy Backstage Passes for a Concert

Even though the concert may be wild and out of control in the stands, what better way is there to take the live music experience to another level than with backstage passes? Backstage passes allow one to meet with the artist, get autographs, hang out with the band before and after the show, and much more. However because everyone wants this opportunity, backstage passes can be somewhat difficult to come by. Despite this, it is still possible to buy backstage and VIP passes.

Sign up for a membership at the Backstage Pass Direct website (See resources.) Browse for upcoming concerts and buy a backstage pass for $149 through the site.

Purchase your tickets in advance because backstage passes and VIP packages tend to sell out quickly. If possible, buy the tickets before the official tour announcement.

Go to the artist's website and sign up for fan club newsletters. Stay up to date with any upcoming shows and special ticket offers that include a VIP package.

Go to the I Love All Access website (See Resources) and purchase a VIP package for an artist. Packages range from meeting with the artist and receiving gifts to sitting in the first row and partying before the show.

Ask the merchandise person at the show if they have any available backstage passes. If the promoter is listed on the band's website, send an e-mail and ask if any backstage passes are for sale.


Backstage Pass Direct and I Love All Access do not guarantee the availability of passes for every show.

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