How Can I Sell My Autographs of Celebrities?

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An autograph is a famous person's signature; many people are willing to pay a great deal of money to possess one -- hundreds of dollars or more. The credibility of the seller is of special importance in the sale of an autograph, since autographs can be forged. Interested persons can buy and sell celebrity autographs through a variety of means, such as autograph dealers or online auction sites.

Sell Through a Dealer

Locate a dealer who buys and sells autographs via an autograph magazine advertisement, phone directory or through an Internet search.

Contact the dealer using the contact method listed on the advertisement. Provide the dealer with the history of the autograph, such as how and when you obtained it. Offer to provide a photograph, and ask the dealer for an offer.

Accept or reject the dealer's offer. If you accept the offer, send the autograph following the instructions given by the dealer, but regardless of the instructions, insure and track the package.

Sell Via Online Auction

Take a digital photograph of the autograph and upload it from your camera to your computer.

Visit an online auction site and create an account, if you do not already have one.

Follow the directions at the online site for posting an item, and upload the picture of the autograph at the appropriate point. Describe the item clearly and honestly for potential purchasers. Require purchasers to pay for tracking, shipping insurance and shipping confirmation.

List a minimum purchase price, if you feel unwilling to sell the autograph for less than a particular price.

Ship the item to the purchaser quickly and retain a record of the shipment for your files.


  • If you do not have an established, pre-existing account with an online auction site, it is better to sell your item through a dealer. Potential purchasers at an auction site may not trust a new seller enough to purchase an item like an autograph, where the seller's credibility determines the value of the product.



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