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How to Be Signed With a Creative Artist Agency

The Creative Artist Agency is a talent agency with offices all over the world. Managing the careers of many of Hollywood’s A-list talent, such as Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, the Creative Artist Agency is highly sought after by writers, entertainers, actors and producers at all levels of their careers. However, getting a contract with Creative Artist Agency is very challenging unless you have a successful entertainment career. The more seasoned you are, the better your chances of getting an agent to represent you.

Enter your work in reputable contests and festivals. Make sure your work is up to par. With a high-profile client roster, agents are busy and are only looking to represent talented professionals who have a chance of being hired. Consider furthering your education to hone your craft.

Search your contacts for potential links to CAA agents. If you have accomplished friends, family or colleagues in the entertainment industry, ask for potential leads. Use social media to determine how you are connected to employees within the agency. A warm hand off from a friend or family member increases your chances of getting an agent to notice your talent.

Send a query letter if you have no leads or are unable to get recognition from a festival or contest. While query letters are less than ideal when seeking representation from CAA, they are a professional way to make contact with an agent. A query letter is a brief statement of who you are and what you have to offer the agency. Avoid exaggerated claims about your work as your talent should speak for itself. Experienced agents need no convincing after seeing your work if it is a good fit for their agency.

Read the industry dailies, such as the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, to keep track of personnel changes at CAA and talent joining or leaving the agency. News articles are a great way to get clues on what is happening inside the agency and help you get new potential leads.


Be patient as getting represented by one of Hollywood’s most sought after agencies can take time. Respect the time of agents by submitting your material only after you’ve sharpened your skills and know you are a good fit for the agency.


  • Ignore the notion that only agents at CAA can help you gain representation. Network with CAA interns and former staff to gain inside information on how to increase your chances of selection.
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