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How to Become a Juliette Girl Scout

Juliette Girl Scouts participate in community service activities.
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A Juliette Girls Scout refers to a girl who has completed registration with the Girl Scouts of the USA, but who has no formal connection to a troop. While a girl can become a Juliette Girl Scout at any age, it tends to be more common with older girls, ages 11 to 17, who are busier, according to the official Girls Scouts of the USA website. A Juliette Girl Scout still gets to do things such as sell cookies and other products, participate in activities and events and earn badges. A Juliette Girl Scout simply earns badges independent of a troop.

Ask a parent or guardian for permission to become a Juliette Girl Scout.

Visit the official Girls Scouts of the USA website and download a Juliette Girl Scout application. You can obtain the form from the local Girl Scout council offices as well.

Complete the application form on your own or with the help of a parent or guardian. Fill in your age, name, address and race. Ask a parent to sign the form, giving their permission.

Find the organization's community development director nearest your home on the Girl Scouts website. Submit your application either by mail or in person to the CDD along with $12 in a check, cash or money order. The $12 fee is the annual membership fee for all Girl Scouts, whether in a troop or Juliette status.

Existing Girl Scouts

Visit the Girl Scout membership office near you. Explain that you wish to leave your troop and become a Juliette scout.

Obtain the form indicated by the representative. Girl Scout branches will ask for various forms, depending on region. Some will ask you to download a regional Juliette Girl Scout application form and mail or bring it in along with the $12 annual fee. Others will ask you to complete a transfer form. All of the forms should be available online, and the membership representative will direct you to the correct one without a problem.

Complete the designated form, which asks for your name and contact basics. It does not require an explanation why you wish to become a Juliette scout. Mail or take in the form to the nearest Girl Scout office with the $12 fee.

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • $12


Juliette Girl Scouts have no requirements other than sending in their annual fee. They can still wear the uniform, earn awards, receive the Girl Scout magazine to keep up with regional events and attend those events.

Because Juliette scouts don't have a troop, a parent or family friend can act as the girl's leader.

Being a Juliette scout is also common for girls who live where there aren't any troops or for girls who have parents too busy to take them to meetings.

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