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How to Change an Address for a Ham Radio License

Ham radio licensees are required to keep their addresses updated with the FCC.
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As a ham radio operator, you know your services are at times needed by the FCC. That's why it's important to quickly update your contact information, including your address, as it changes. The FCC makes this quick and painless for amateur radio operators, offering two convenient methods to change your address. The quickest method is using the FCC's online system, but you can also change your address by mail (or in person).

Changing Your Address Online

Access the FCC's Universal Licensing System (see Resources). Log in using your FCC Registration Number and your system password.

Click on "Work on This License" on the right sidebar, and then select "Update." The system will ask you a series of questions; answer them and click "Continue."

Type your new address into the form on the Licensee page. Click "Continue" to proceed to the Review page. On the Review page, double-check the information for accuracy. If you need to edit anything, click "Edit." Click "Continue to Certify" when you are ready to submit your change of address.

Enter your first and last name on the digital signature page, and then click "Submit Application." You will be redirected to a confirmation screen; print this page, or write down the confirmation number for your records.

Changing Your Address by Mail

Obtain FCC Form 605. You can download from the FCC's website (see Resources) or you can request the form by mail. To request the form by mail, call 1-800-418-3676.

Complete the application entirely, using your new address, not your old one. Under the Application Purpose section, choose "AU" (Administrative Update). Sign and date the form.

Mail FCC Form 605 to:

FCC 1270 Fairfield Road Gettysburg, PA 17325


You can also hand deliver the form to:

FCC 1280 Fairfield Road Gettysburg, PA 17325

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