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How to Send Photos From My Camera to Email

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Digital cameras make it convenient to share pictures with friends and family. In order to send digital pictures from your camera to an e-mail account, you will first need to download them to your computer using a USB cord. From that point, it’s as simple as sending a regular e-mail.

Uploading pictures to your computer

Insert the USB (universal serial bus) cable into the appropriate port on your digital camera. Now locate a USB port on your computer and plug the other end of the cable into it.

Allow the computer to recognize that a device has been plugged in. Often your computer will automatically pull up the proper software for managing photos. You may have to go to "Menu" to find the software you need if the software doesn’t pop up on its own.

Click on the option that allows you to copy or upload the pictures from your camera onto your computer. For example, a PC will usually give you a list of several options to choose from, and you want to select "Copy Images." With iPhoto on a Mac, there will be a button that says "Import."

Look through the thumbnails that appear on the computer screen to select specific pictures to be uploaded -- or, you can upload them all. After you’ve chosen your pictures, begin uploading your pictures by selecting the button that does so.

When the upload is complete, it is likely your pictures will automatically be saved to your computer in the Photos or My Pictures folder.

E-mailing pictures

Open your e-mail account on your Internet browser. Fill in the address, subject and message fields as you would for a regular e-mail.

Click the "Attach" icon, which is usually located below the address field. A window should pop up with all of the files accessible from your computer.

Go to your "Photos" or "My Pictures" folder to select your images. When you are done selecting your images, click "Attach." Your pictures will now be attached to the e-mail.

Click send. The e-mail will be sent with your pictures attached.

Things You'll Need:

  • Digital camera
  • USB cord
  • Computer with internet access
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