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How to Cancel a "Chicago Tribune" Subscription

Cancel your subscription on
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Arguably among the most colloquially-known newspapers in the United States, the Chicago Daily Tribune was founded in 1847, dropping the "Daily" from its name eight years later. Still, several reasons might exist for when you want to cancel your subscription. You might be moving away from the Chicagoland area, for example, or you might simply want to stop contributing to the use of paper. Whatever the case may be, canceling your subscription is an extremely quick process.

Consult your paper Chicago Tribune bill to locate your account number. The number of digits in your account may vary, depending upon how long you have been subscribing, but will be located above your name and address on the bill.

Navigate your Web browser to services.chicagotribune.com and log-in to your account to cancel your subscription online. Enter your account number, alongside either your 10-digit phone number or the numerical portion of your street address, then click "Submit." Click the "Manage Account" tab, then click "Cancel Subscription." Tick the box which indicates you've agreed to cancel your subscription, then click cancel.

Call the Tribune circulation desk at 1-800-874-2863 to cancel your subscription by phone if you can't find your account number, or simply don't want to cancel your account online. If you don't have your account number, have your phone number and complete street address on hand, as you'll need to provide this information to the representative to verify your subscriber identity.

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