How to Booby Trap a Door

Booby Trap a Door,,,,,

Booby traps are frequently used in adventure movies like the "Indiana Jones" series and "Goonies". Booby trapping a door is a prank you can play on a friend in your own home. Only three materials are needed to set up this prank in a hurry. If you have a door, you can booby trap it.

Booby Trap a Door,,,,,

Things You'll Need

  • Confetti
  • Small Bells (Or Other Noisemaker)
  • Bucket (Use Plastic, Not Metal) Or Paper Bag

Find a door that opens into a room. The door must be surrounded by a door frame.

Cut up strips of paper or small pieces of paper for confetti. You can also purchase confetti at the store. Or you could use the output of a paper shredder.

Fill the paper bag or plastic bucket with confetti and noisemakers, such as bells. Shake up the paper bag or bucket to mix the confetti and noisemakers.

From inside the room, open the door several inches. Balance the bucket or paper bag on the door and frame. If the door is not open enough or is open too much, the paper bag and bucket will not stay in place.

Stay inside the room. Call the intended target of the prank. When the victim enters, the confetti and bells will rain down upon him or her.


  • Never use a weapon such as a firearm, explosive material, or knife, or a heavy item. You are responsible and liable for any intruder who is hurt because of your trap. Booby traps with the intent to harm are dangerous and may be illegal in your state because of the danger they pose to law enforcement officers. In 1990, a Denver, Co. man pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges when his shotgun booby trap killed an intruder breaking into his tool shop.

    Children should get permission and help from an adult before attempting this prank.