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How to Make Expanding Snow Powder

Snow play is not possible in the summer unless you make your own fake snow.
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You can effectively create expanding snow powder for children to play with by using a polymer gel powder or sodium polyacrylate. The snow powder can be piled on Christmas tree branches and is useful as fake snow around a Christmas village collection. Making fake snow that expands is also an interesting way to teach children about science and the absorption abilities of different materials.

Things You'll Need:

  • Disposable Diapers (Optional)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Polymer Gel Powder Or Sodium Polyacrylate (Water Crystals)
  • Plastic Bowl Or Tray

Place 1 ounce of the polymer gel powder or sodium polyacrylate into a plastic bowl or tray.

Slowly add approximately 10 ounces of cool or room-temperature water to the powder.

Stir the mixture until the powder expands and gets a fluffy consistency.

Add more water for a slushier snow consistency.


Sodium polyacrylate is sold at garden centers or home supply stores. You can also use the powder found inside a disposable diaper to make expanding snow. Rip open the diaper, put the powder in a bowl, and add water to the powder.

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