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How to Run a Euchre Tournament

Euchre is a card game played by two teams with each team consisting of two players. If you enjoy the game and want to host a tournament, you only need to choose a few simple details for your event and you will be on your way to tournament hosting success. Whether you want to play a casual tournament among friends or hold a competitive event in your community, you can host a euchre tournament in a few easy steps.

Planning the Tournament

Choose a number of players. You will need a total number of participants that is divisible by four. If you are hosting the tournament in your home, choose a smaller number, such as 8 or 12. If you are hosting the event in a larger venue, you can increase the number of participants to 20 or more.

Advertise the event one week to one month prior to event. For small events, contact participants by phone, email, or mailed invitations. For large community-based events, post fliers around town or advertise on public access television or radio. Keep "back-up" guests in mind in case you have an uneven number of replies for the event.

Gather all of the supplies. You will need small card tables and chairs for each foursome, a deck of cards for each table, a copy of the rules for each table, prizes and snacks and beverages.

Conducting the Euchre Tournament

Explain the rules. A copy of the rules on each table will avoid any confusion or squabbling over the rules amongst the players. Declare yourself the master of ceremonies and the ultimate judge of the rules. This way, if an argument does come up, you can settle it quickly and easily.

Play the first round of the game. Assign partner match-ups by a random drawing to keep things fair.

Continue the tournament to determine a winning team. When one team wins at a table, pair them up with a winner from another table, and so on until there is a final winner of the tournament. You can choose whether to leave out the losing partners or allow them to play against each other for fun or a consolation prize.

Award the winners. When a winner is announced, you can give out the prize. It can be as simple as a hand-printed certificate or as grand as a cash prize from the admission fees.


Participants will need partners, which you can pair up at the event or ask them to come already partnered.

Another way to choose a winner is to set a limit for the number of rounds you will play and then the winning team is the team that has won the most rounds that evening, and use a random drawing for matching teams up or rotate losing teams to the next table each round.

Use an online service like evite.com to invite players to the event and keep track of RSVPs.


  • For larger events, you may want to charge admission in order to pay for the venue or provide prize money to the winning team. Try to keep the atmosphere light and fun to avoid conflicts and arguments.
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