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How to Start a Movie Club

Start a Movie Club

Just like book clubs, movie clubs offer an opportunity to gather with friends for entertainment, fun discussion, food and drinks. Don't worry if there is not one in your area. Just follow these steps to start your own movie club.

Determine how often your club meets. Most movie clubs meet once a month, but some meet every week. It is best to set a specific, regular time so attendees can plan ahead--every Friday or the third Saturday of every month, for example.

Make a list of friends and family you want to include in the club. Movie clubs don't require formal invitations. Send an email or make a phone call. As a casual get-together, expect the number of people to change for each meeting.

Choose a movie. Consider delegating this to a different member for each meeting. Use a movie rental service like Netflix or visit your area video store to pick up your selection. Notify your guests of the movie selection prior to the meeting. This gives them an opportunity to read reviews, the script or other information about the film before watching.

Serve drinks and snacks during the film. Popcorn and sodas are can't-beat favorites and potlucks are even easier. Have each guest bring a different dish or drink. Consider coordinating your menu with the movie. Serve pasta for Italian films or martinis during a James Bond movie.

Have a discussion session after the movie. Talk about and debate the quality of acting, characters, script, directing and music. Just like a book, movies can be analyzed for theme and content.

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