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Really Funny Things to Do for a Talent Show

Talent shows let your teen show off your talents and personality.
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Talent shows provide an opportunity for members of your community to come together and exhibit the various gifts they have that might not otherwise be on display. If your community or school is hosting a talent show, think of an act to perform by yourself or gather a group of friends and create an act together.

Eating Contest

Rather than simply having contestants see how much food they consume in a given amount of time, place a comedic spin on the traditional eating contest. For example, hold a contest where people are not allowed to use their hands while eating dishes such as pie, ice cream or jelly donuts. They contestants will probably end up with more food on them than they eat during the contest. Another contest idea is seeing who can consume the most peanut butter without being able to drink a beverage within a minute. After a spoonful or two, contest's lips will be smacking together desperate for a little moisture. For an adult crowd, hold a sexiest eater contest where the crowd votes by applause on who devours a type of food in the most luscious manner. The audience will laugh as people put on an air of being sexy as they consume foods such as hot wings, Popsicles or ice cream cones.

Comedic Movie or Television Scenes

Select a scene from your favorite comedy and act it out with friends on stage. Choose a movie that is well-known so most people in the audience already know the scene. Ideas include the infamous Tom Hanks "There's no crying in baseball!" scene from "A League of their Own," the Steve Carrell chest waxing scene from "40 Year-Old Virgin" or for an adult crowd the infamous Meg Ryan orgasm scene from "When Harry Met Sally." When selecting a scene, choose something that translates well to the stage. For example, the chest waxing scene from "40 Year-Old Virgin" translates well because not only is the actual motion of waxing big enough to be seen from the audience, but they'll also laugh at a live subject having his chest waxed. (If someone doesn't actually want to have his chest wax, create fake chest hair using haircut clippings glued to wax paper or something similar.)

Comedic Dance Contest

This is another talent show idea which also involves members of the audience. Select comedic dance moves such as "The Chicken" or "The Robot" and invite people up to the stage for a "dance-off." After teaching them the basic moves of the dance, instruct them to start dancing. Encourage them to add "flair" or other related dance moves to the style. Then, by applause, determine which contestant the audience likes the best.

Comedic Singing

Find a well-known song that you like to sing and change it completely around in a comedic manner. For example, you might take a classic and change the lyrics using the names and places of friends or locations in the community. Another idea is to take a song and speed it up so it sounds like chipmunks are singing as you lip-sync to it. Enhance the act by dressing in comedic costumes and adding a few original dance moves.

Comedy Roast

Select a candidate who is good-natured and won't mind a little lighthearted lampooning from others. For example, if you're at a high school, you might select a teacher or principal. Ask several people to come up with jokes, anecdotes or comedic impersonations of that individual. Ideas include "Top Ten" lists, favorite embarrassing stories, and imitating the way he speaks or moves in a pronounced manner. Then during the talent show, act as the emcee, introduce your roast guest and invite him on stage. Invite each person roasting him to read or perform the comedic material. At the end, allow the person who has been roasted to tell a few jokes about the people who roasted him during the show.

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