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How Do I Give Someone a Nickname?

Nicknames are fun and promote camaraderie among friends.
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Nicknames signify the honor and friendship we feel for people. Nicknames typically reveal glimpses into spirit that characterizes the less serious side of people, and they can stick for life. You can spontaneously create a nickname, or try a more reflective approach to capture the essence of the person it’s intended for. Write your thoughts down and get creative.

Jot down some memorable incidents or experiences you’ve shared with the person. Draw on some funny and notable events or incidents to help come up with a new nickname.

Give examples of personality traits that characterize your person. Tell why people are drawn to them. Sum up the essence of their charm or wit and why they are so endearing to others.

List interesting aspects of the person's physical appearance. Notice peculiarities such as height, hair style, tattoos, mode of dress and facial expressions.

Notate the mannerisms that make your person unique. Check out the way he stands, sits and walks. Make note of his posture. Watch how he meets and greets people. Many individuals have body gestures that can set them apart in a crowd and help us recognize them even from a long distance off.

Write down the person's interests and hobbies. Think about how and where he spends his time, what sports teams he follows and what music he listens to.

Circle the verbs and adjectives that best describe the individual, then rank them so that only a few words really stand out. Use a thesaurus to help find word variations that are more colorful.

Fashion the nickname using the unique identifying words. Make it one, two or three words long and include his first name if you desire.

Call the person by his new nickname at your first opportunity. Do it in front of a group of friends to instantly put it into play.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pen
  • Paper


Nicknames should not be derogatory, or point out someone’s obvious flaws.

Gather your close friends and make it an event to come up with new nicknames for people.

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