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Games to Play That Don't Require Anything

You can entertain party guests with some games that require no extra items to play.
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Whether you have a party you need to plan or you just want to have some fun with friends, equipping yourself with some fun game ideas works to your advantage. But many games require extra materials or equipment that you may not have available or cannot afford. However, you can still have fun without these additional items by playing some games that require only the players themselves.

Two Truths and a Lie

A party game for adults, two truths and a lie requires only some clever players to get started. Situate everyone in a circle and have the first player give three statements about himself or something he's done. Two of the statements he makes have to be true, while one statement has to be false. After the person gives his statements, have everyone take a guess at which of them is untrue. Once everyone has gone, the first player tells which statement is false. Give a point to every person who guessed correctly. The game continues as every player makes three statements. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Beware the Blob

Start by gathering everyone in a play area. Pick one person out of the group to become the infamous "Blob." As she counts to three, the other players head for the hills to find a hiding spot. The Blob then begins to search for the players, tagging any that she finds. Those she tags have to join hands with her and become part of the Blob, tagging the rest of the players. The game ends when all of the players but one have joined the Blob. That last player remaining wins the game.

Telephone Charades

This game puts a twist on the classic parlor game by using the premise of the game "Telephone." Assemble the players into a line. All of the players start off facing the opposite direction of the first player. As soon as the first player thinks of a charade, he taps the second player on the back, prompting her to turn around. He then performs his charade for her eyes only. After he's finished, she taps the third player on the back and performs her take on the charade, either copying the first player's actions or improving them, if she knows the charade he chose. The charade continues on down the line until the last person in line has to guess the charade. After you've all laughed at how the charade got distorted throughout the game, the last player now chooses a charade and the process begins again.

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