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Games to Play With M&M's

To some, M&Ms resemble board game pieces.
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A favorite among the young and elderly alike, M&Ms offer a compelling mixture of sweet candy and chocolate. Its vividly colorful exterior also lends itself to being the star of a number of entertaining games. Gather a group of friends who share your chocolate affinity and try out these M&M games at any time.

To Speak or Not to Speak

Come up with 10 words that people usually say during a normal conversation. Words like "what," "nice" or—for a devilish twist—"I" work well. Write all of these words down on a whiteboard and display it so everyone can see it. Tell them that they have to try to have a conversation without using these words. Hand each of them a bag of M&Ms. If someone is caught saying one of the words, he has to give the person who caught him an M&M. After about an hour has passed, the person with the most M&Ms in his bag wins.

Fill it Up

Place several bags of M&Ms in a large bowl. Put the bowl on one side of a large room on top of a table. Divide the players into two teams, and have both teams line up and stand on either side of the table. Place two other, smaller bowls on the opposite side of the room. Each bowl stands parallel to a team. When you say "Go," the first player in each team has to fill up a tablespoon with the M&Ms and race to empty his spoon into the bowl. Each teammate takes a turn as soon as the previous player returns to the line. Once the teams have emptied the big bowl, the team with the most M&Ms in their individual bowl wins the game.

M&M Mouths

Fill a medium-sized bowl with M&Ms. Gather the players in a large sitting circle. Hand one of the players the bowl and have her pick out two M&Ms without looking. If the two M&Ms have the same color, she can eat them. If not, she has to keep them in her mouth. The bowl passes around with all the players having to pick two M&Ms out. Once a player receives two M&Ms that have the same color, he can eat all the M&Ms in his mouth. After the players have emptied the bowl, the player with the least amount of M&Ms in her mouth wins.

M&M Chopsticks

Place several bags of M&Ms into a large bowl. Position the players in chairs around the bowl. Give each player a pair of chopsticks and a plastic cup. When you say "Go," the players all have to pick as many M&Ms out of the bowl as they can using their chopsticks and empty these into their cups. Any M&Ms that fall out of the bowl have to go back in the bowl. The first player to have filled his cup to the brim wins the game.

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