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Fun Indoor Games for 13 Years Olds

Use flavored jelly beans for a tasty indoor game.
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Many 13-year-old children love to participate in games and try new things. When planning a teen party that must be indoors due to inclement weather, pique the interest of the guests with age-appropriate games that create a challenge. Awarding prizes -- such as gift cards to a local mall, costume jewelry or small electronics -- to game winners will encourage the 13-year-old kids to participate and try their best.

Guess the Flavor

Purchase several bags of flavored jelly beans and put each flavor in a different bowl. Today, extraordinary flavors include toasted marshmallow, popcorn, root beer, jalapeño, grape, peanut butter, coffee and licorice. Blindfold each player and have him try one or more of the jelly beans. For each jelly bean he guesses correctly, he earns one point. The player who earns the most points wins the game.

Color Game

Have all players sit in a circle and select one player to start the game. That player must name a color. The player to his right must name a color that begins with the last letter of the color the first player said. For example, if the first player says, “red,” the player next to him could say, “dark brown.” Any player that cannot think of a color is out of the game. Keep playing until one player remains; this is the winner of the game. For a more difficult version, the players must repeat the colors in sequence before including one of their own.

Worm Relay Race

Divide the players into two teams and give each team a sleeping bag. Mark a line about 15 feet from the players. On the line, put two plates filled with gummy worms. When you say, “Go,” the first player in each line must get inside the sleeping bag and wiggle to the plate of worms. She must pick up a worm with her mouth, eat it and wiggle back to her teammates. The first team to have all players wiggle to the plate, eat a worm and come back to the starting line wins the game.

Down, Down

Tell the players to stand in a circle and hand one player a tennis ball. That player has to look at another player and toss the tennis ball underhanded to him. If he catches the ball, he tosses it to someone else. Each time a player misses the ball, he has to lower himself to the ground in phases. The first time he misses, he must lower one knee to the ground. The next time he misses, he must lower his other knee. Each time after that, he must lower one elbow, then his chin. Any player who has his knees, elbows and chin on the ground, and misses the ball, is out of the game. The last player left in the game wins.

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