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Frisbee Games for Kids

Kids playing frisbee outdoors next to lake.
frisbee image by Stepanov from Fotolia.com

While kids can have a good time by simply tossing a Frisbee back and forth with their friends, they might have even more fun if you organize Frisbee games for them to play. Whether you have just a few kids at the park or a bunch of kids at a party or other social gathering, there are a variety of games you can choose from for kids of all ages to promote cooperation, friendly competition and teamwork.

Frisbee Bocce

Frisbee bocce is a target game that tests kids’ throwing accuracy. Give each player a Frisbee and have players form a line in a flat, grassy field. Have the first player in line roll a baseball or tennis ball forward as far as she wants. Then each player takes a turn tossing his Frisbee, trying to make it land on the ball. If any player’s Frisbee lands on the ball, she wins the round and receives two points. Otherwise, the player who throws his Frisbee closest to the ball wins the round and receives one point. The first player to accumulate five points wins the game.

Stack Them Up

If you are hosting an outdoor birthday party for your toddler or preschooler, thrill your guests with a Frisbee tower game. Give each player a bunch of mini-Frisbees and have them form a circle. The birthday boy goes first by laying one of his Frisbees in the middle. Then the next player lays one of her Frisbees on top. The players continue placing Frisbees on top of the pile, one at a time, until it falls over. If you want, you can have the players compete by giving them one point for each Frisbee they put on the pile without knocking it over. The player with the most points after playing several games wins.

Throwing Race

You can host a race with Frisbees for a party group of any age. To prepare for the game, mark two parallel lines on the ground about 10 yards apart and label them as line “1” and line “2.” Divide the children into pairs. Have one child from each pair line up on the first line, about 5 yards apart from others in the line. Have the other child from each pair line up on the second line, directly across from her partner.

Give a Frisbee to each child on the first line. On your command, the players begin tossing the Frisbee back and forth to their partners, keeping track of how many catches they make consecutively. They have to start over each time the Frisbee touches the ground. The first pair to make 20 catches in a row wins the game. Alternatively, see which pair can catch the Frisbee the most times within a specified time period.

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