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Fun Ball Games for Kids

Kids can have fun together playing various ball games.
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Playing ball games can be a fun way for kids to exercise as well as learn teamwork. The games involve physical and mental skills that challenge the player and opposing teams. Learning good sportsmanship and having fun is more important than the challenge of winning.

Spider Ball

Spider ball is a modified version of dodge ball. The spiders are the throwers. Three to four spiders stand on the perimeter of a large space. Each spider throws balls to try to hit a person on the inside. If that person gets hit, he also becomes a spider and can start to throw the ball. Spiders can come into the space to retrieve balls, but must return to the outside boundaries to throw again.

Parachute Ball

To play parachute ball, kids spread out and hold the parachute (a large bed sheet will do in lieu of a parachute) with both hands. Players are divided into two teams, with each team on the opposite side of the parachute. Two different color balls are placed in the middle of the parachute. The objective of the game is to move the parachute up and down to make the opponent's ball fall out.

Crab Soccer

Players divide into two teams. The player then lies on the ground and raises himself up with hands and feet. He passes the ball with his feet to other teammates to attempt to score points by getting the ball in between the opposing team's sticks. This scores one point. The ball cannot be touched with the player's hand, since he is walking with his hands.

Name It Ball

Players get into a circle. One player names a category such as "states" and bounces or throws the ball to another player. That player must correctly say a word in the category, such as "Virginia." If the player holds the ball too long or hesitates, he is out and must sit down.

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