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Fun Games for 5 People to Do

Five-player games can encourage teamwork and friendship.
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There are multiple games that are appropriate for a group of five individuals to play. Depending upon the setting, these games can be played outdoors or indoors. Five-player games can be enjoyed by coworkers, classmates, friends or family members of all ages. Use these games to entertain, promote teamwork, build friendships and strengthen interpersonal relations.

Human Knot

The Human Knot game can be used as an icebreaker activity. This game requires teamwork and trust between the players. All five players stand in a circle side by side and hold both their hands out into the middle of the circle. Each player grasps the hands of other players, randomly crossing arms as they do so. They then try to unravel the knot that has been created by shuffling bodies around without breaking grasps. The game is over once the knot is undone and all five players are standing in a circle grasping the hands of the players next to them.


H-O-R-S-E is an outdoor basketball game that can be played by five people. One player starts the game by shooting a basketball into a hoop. If she makes the shot, the other players take a turn shooting the ball from the same spot and in the same manner. The players that miss the shot receive a letter, starting with H. The game continues with each of the five players starting a round. Each time a player misses a shot she receives the next letter in the word. A player is out when she has reached the letter E.

Hand Slap

Hand Slap is a group game that can accommodate five players. This simple game requires no props and can be played by children or adults. The players sit in a circle around a table and place their hands in front of them, palms down. Each player crosses his arms, and someone begins the game by slapping the surface with his hand. The players then pass the slap clockwise around the circle. A player can change the direction by slapping twice in a row with one hand. Any player that slaps out of turn, too soon or too late has to remove that hand from the circle. Players are out once both hands are removed.

Trampoline Dodge Ball

Trampoline dodge ball is a fun outdoor game that requires a trampoline and a soft beach ball. Four players jump on the trampoline. The fifth player remains on the ground and tosses the ball towards the players on the trampoline. The jumpers try to dodge the ball by bouncing out of the way. If a player is touched by a ball she trades places with the player on the ground.

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