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Leadership Games for Kids

Games can help kids build leadership skills.

Leadership games for kids can help children learn the skills they'll need for the future while still being fun. If you play the games right, your kids might not even realize they're learning. These games are best played with several children.

Rope Circles

Get four different lengths of rope: 20 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet and 5 feet. Tie each into a circle, put them on the ground and have all the players get inside the big rope. No body part may be outside the rope. Once the group successfully completes one rope, have them move to the next smaller rope. With each decrease in size, the group will have to be more creative to fit. The players will have to work together and leaders will emerge to help organize the group to successfully complete the task.

Rope Knot

Have four to six players hold onto a single, 18-inch-long rope with one hand. Then tell them they have to tie the rope into a knot without releasing it from their hands. This activity is more challenging than it sounds and can take more than an hour to complete.

Teams of Two

Divide the kids into two groups with the same number of players. Have one group leave the room, blindfold them, then set out two objects in the first room. Have each player in the first room go out and pick a blindfolded player to lead. Their goal is to bring their blindfolded partner into the room to each object and help them figure out what they are. The non-blindfolded player can't speak. When the groups are done, you can have them switch places and use two new objects. This gives everyone a chance to test out his leadership skills.

Human Knot

Make a human knot to build leadership skills. Get everyone in the group together and have them put one hand out and grab someone else's hand. Then have everyone put their other hand out and grab someone else's hand. Their goal is to figure out how to untangle themselves so that they end up in a big circle, without releasing their grips. Leaders will arise when people take charge to help get everyone untangled.

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