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Girl Scout Friendship Games

Create friendship games for your Girl Scouts.
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Girl Scouts is an organization for young girls that helps them build self-worth, confidence and character. When planning Girl Scout meetings, plan fun games and activities to bring the girls closer, creating friendships. A few supplies and some energetic Girl Scouts are all you need to get started. Awarding game winners with small prizes, such as costume jewelry and candy, keeps the girls ready for future friendship games.

Friendship Test

Hand out a questionnaire to all the girls with questions, such as “What is your favorite food,” “What is something you never leave home without” and “The food I dislike most is _____.” Write 10 questions and that the girls fill out. Make another questionnaire with the same questions, with questions that read, “What food does she like the most” or “What do you think she never leaves home without.” Assign a partner to each girl and have her fill out the questionnaire the way she thinks her partner answered. After the girls answer the questions, assign the girls into pairs to see how many each girl correctly answered. Each time the girls play, assign a different partner.

Circle of Friends

Seat all the Girl Scouts in a circle. Select one girl to start the activity. Have her look to her right and say one positive thing about what makes the girl next to her a good friend. Then move to the next girl to her left, until each girl says something positive about the girl next to her and explain why she makes a great friend. This activity brings the girls closer and builds strong friendships.

Trust Game

Divide the girls into groups of four or five players. Select one girl from the group to go first, standing with her back to the girls in her group. The girls in her group stand directly behind her and catch her as she falls backward. This game teaches the girls to trust one another and know that friends will lift you up for support when needed.

I Am Your Friend

Tell the girls to sit in the floor in a group. Seat one girl sit in a chair with her back toward all the girls. The girl in the chair closes her eyes. While she closes her eyes, another girl slowly walks up behind her and says, “I am your friend.” The girl then sits back down. The girl in the chair then opens her eyes and turns around looking at the girls. She has three guesses to try to guess which girl spoke to her. If she guesses correctly, she selects the next player. If she guesses incorrectly, she gets another chance.

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