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Kids Survivor Challenge Games

Survivor challenges are perfect for camping trips.
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"Survivor" is a reality television show in which contestants strive to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to the tune of a million-dollar prize. Even without the money, challenging yourself and competing in a friendly game is a great way for kids to spend time with friends. Survivor challenges are perfect for parties, camping trips, group meetings and family days out. There are a number of survivor games kids can play to feel the thrill of the challenge while having the time of their lives.


Races make perfect survivor challenges.
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Any kind of races would make a perfect survivor challenge, as well as exciting games for kids' gatherings. The more obstacles you can think of putting in the way, the better. If you have a wide, open, outdoor space, use cones, chairs, tires or playground equipment for an obstacle course. If you can include a segment of swimming, skateboarding or tumbling, it will serve to make the race more exciting. If your space is limited, throw a “catch” in the race to slow the contestants down. Make them balance something on their heads or grip a spoon in their teeth and balance an egg on it.


Jigsaw puzzle.
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Survivor challenges are not just physical, but mental. Give the kids games with puzzles to work out, codes to crack or riddles to unravel. Word scrambles, a Sudoku math challenge or riddles with free online jigsaw puzzles that give hints make appropriate mental challenges for playing the game. Have kids compete individually or in teams for a more interesting group dynamic.


Teamwork force kids to work together to find solutions.
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Games that involve teamwork force kids to work together to find solutions to a problem, promoting communication skills. Tie kids together and make them figure out a way to get through an obstacle course while bound. Blindfold all but one child, and the seeing person on each team has to guide teammates toward accomplishing a task. Make them build a sand castle with a catch–they have to keep a single balloon up in the air the whole time, but each player is only allowed to hit the balloon once in turn.


Jungle gym.
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In "Survivor," some of the biggest and most competitive challenges in the course of the entire season are simple tests of endurance. Have kids stand on one foot, hang from a jungle gym or see who can stand the longest while balancing a bucket of water on his head without using his hands.


Edible bugs.
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Food challenges are always fun and disgusting. A pie-eating contest, no hands allowed, is always good for a laugh. For more of a thinking game, feed contestants spoonfuls of baby food from jars without labels and have them guess the flavor. If you really want to shock them, feed them bugs–there are lots of edible and candied bugs on the market packaged for consumption.

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