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Harley Bike Games

Harley bike games bring fun and hilarity to virtually any biker event.
daytona motocross race circa 1978 image by Wimbledon from Fotolia.com

Since the end of World War II, the motorcycle culture has provided millions of people with fellowship and fun. The prospect of meeting with friends for a trip across country or even just to the neighborhood bar provides a break from the ordinary for individuals who crave a slice of adventure. Harley biker games have evolved throughout this culture to introduce a source of fun and hilarity to biker social event. Many variations exists, with different clubs or regions having a slightly different set of rules. The object, however, remains to have as much fun as possible.

Cone Race

In this slalom event, couples compete against other riders who must navigate a series of hazard cones. Each cone comes equipped with an egg on the top that the passenger must pick up as they pass. On the return trip, the passenger must replace each egg onto a cone. Typical results are many broken eggs and empty cones.

Weenie Bite

Perhaps the most messy of bike games, couples ride on a motorcycle while the passenger attempts to take a bite out of a hot dog suspended on a string. The operator of the bike must drive slow enough to allow the passenger to make the bite. The hot dog is typically dipped in mayonnaise to make the event even sloppier.

Barrel Race

Unlike the barrel race found at rodeos, the biker game of barrel racing involves rolling a keg that is on its side. Several bikers begin at the starting line on their motorcycles behind their respective barrels. They must then push the barrel using only the front tire of their bike. The first biker to cross the finish line with their barrel wins. Because the keg typically has a mind of its own, the results can be hilarious.

Balloon Toss

A variation of the popular children's game, the biker balloon toss is performed by couples riding on their motorcycle. While the rider operates the bike very slowly, the passenger must toss a water-filled balloon up and over a horizontal pole and catch it without breaking it. A crowd favorite on a hot day, this event generally leaves all the participants drenched.

Slow Race

The king of the biker games, the slow race has become nationally recognized throughout the motorcycle culture. In the race, pairs of riders must travel down a straight lane 30 to 50 feet in length in an attempt to be the last person to cross the finish line. If a rider places his foot down on the ground, he is disqualified. The best racers can stop their bike, using their balance to hold the motorcycle upright.

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