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Games for a Candy Themed Birthday Party

Prepare a games for a candy-themed party.
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When planning a candy-themed birthday party, you can organize a variety of “sweet” games for the guests to play. Games keep everyone involved in the party, while giving them a chance to earn candy prizes and favors to take home as mementos of the party. All you need are a few supplies and several bags of candy to create games that are sure to fill the “sweet tooth” of your party guests.

Tossing Games

Scatter bright-colored buckets on the ground and write a point value on each bucket. Mark a standing line and have the players line up at the line. Give each player 10 pieces of candy to try to toss in the buckets to earn points. The player who earns the highest number of points wins the game. Alternatively, make candy-shaped beanbags for the guests to toss. Another idea is to play this game in teams and the team who scores the highest amount of points wins the game.


Instruct players to sit at a table and give each player a bowl of candy. It is best to give each player the same amount of candy pieces to make the game fair. Some candy to use includes flat pieces of candy like Starburst, gummy candies like bear or rings and round candies like Sweet Tarts. Give the players 10 minutes to build a candy castle. Award prizes to the best, funniest and most creative castles. Alternatively, give the players graham crackers and frosting to use with the candy. Another idea is to see who can build the tallest standing candy tower in 10 minutes.

Messy Games

Ask the party guests to sit at a table and place their hands behind their back. Make a plate for each player with 10 gummy bears on each plate. Cover the gummy bears with whipped cream. When you say “Go,” the player must use only their mouth to find and eat all 10 gummy bears. The first player to eat all of the gummy bears wins the game and a prize. Another idea is to hide a piece of bubble gum under the whipped cream. The first player to find the gum, chew it up and blow a bubble wins the game.

Relay Races

Divide the players into two teams and give each player a straw. Place a table about 10 feet away from the starting line. Have each team line up at the starting line and place two bowls of candies like Skittles on the table. Place two empty bowls on the table as well, one for each team. When you say “Race,” the first player in each team line must go to the table and suck a candy to the end of the straw. He must drop it in his team bowl and players must not use their hands to touch the candy at any time. The first team to transfer 20 pieces of candy into their bowl wins the game. For younger children, cut the straw in half to make it easier for them to suck the candy to the end of the straw.

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