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Fun Get to Know You Games for Teenage Girls

Break the ice for teenage girls with fun getting to know you games.
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Start off a party or social gathering for teen girls with a few fun icebreaker games. Games help introduce any unfamiliar faces at the gathering and give guests a chance to meet new people. With a few girly supplies and some creativity, you can plan get to know you games the girls will enjoy. Entice the teens to play along by awarding gift certificates to a local nail salon to all game winners.

Introduction Circle

Ask the teen girls to sit in a circle and one, perhaps the hostess of the gathering, goes first. She must say, “Hi, my name is [her name] and I am from [her city].” The next girl must say, “This is [the first girl’s name] and she is from [the first girl’s city], and I am [her own name] and I am from [her own city].” Each girl must say the name and city of each girl in front of her and add her own. Once everyone is done, go around the circle a final time so everyone can recite every other girl's name and city. Award a prize to any girl who can remember everything correctly.

Lie Detector

Have the girls sit in a circle. Give each girl a pen and an index card. She must write down two facts about herself and one lie on the index card. Some ideas include “I went bungee jumping in Branson, Missouri,” or “I have five sisters.” The teens must each read their cards aloud. While each girl reads her statements aloud, the other players must write down which statement they think is a lie. Everyone can reveal their answers and talk about their true statements. The girl who guessed the most lies correctly wins the game.

Colored Candies

Pass a bowl of colored candies around a circle of teens. Tell the girls to take at least five candies, but they can take as many as they would like. After each teen has her candy, reveal what each color means. For each red candy, they have to share something personal. For each blue candy, they have to share something about school. Assign each color with a category like family, friends, personal and school. If you want to have a game winner, award a prize to the teen girl who took the most candies.

Guess Who

Give the girls a sheet of paper and a pen. Have them write down four interesting facts about themselves that no one in the room knows and write their names at the top of the pages. Collect the papers and give the girls another blank sheet of paper. Read each person's facts aloud and have the teens write down who they think it is. The teen who guesses the most answers correctly wins a prize.

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